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FIRMING / Intensive Face Firming Complex
This concentrated, creamy serum is a potent blend of 4 skin-contouring peptides, moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, nourishing ceramides, and marine algae extract that dramatically improves the appearance of sagging facial contours. Double-encapsulated, timed-release technology provides targeted absorption. Features teprenone, a plant derivative that protects the tips of chromosomes, extending the lifespan of skin cells and facilitating cellular repair.
80x magnification
80x magnification before & after just 1 treatment of Collagen Peptide Serum

Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Combination, Sensitive

Skin conditions: Sagging, Loss of Elasticity, Sun Damage

This unique recovery solution with 8 beneficial minerals and 8 synergistic amino acids instantly soothes and nourishes stressed skin. Enhances moisture retention, keeping skin calm and hydrated throughout the day.

Concentrated serum features edelweiss flower stem cells, cell-regenerating factors, microsphere technology, and NMC1000 to deeply moisturize and target wrinkles while improving collagen synthesis for firmer, younger-looking skin.


  • Re-sculpts and firms skin
  • Boosts the synthesis of collagen
  • Minimizes appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles

Skin Types: Dry, Mature, Nomral

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Proprietary, revolutionary complex with EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), DNA, RNA, and moisture-multiplying NMC1000 helps boost collagen synthesis to firm, lift, and repair damaged, aging skin.

Skin Types: Dry, Mature, Nomral

This concentrated serum with the most stable Vitamin C derivative, (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) restores a healthy, youthful glow, illuminates dull, aged skin, balances uneven skin tone, and softens roughness. Powerful amino acid complex helps enhance collagen synthesis for firmer, more elastic skin.

Skin Types: Dry, Normal

Skin conditions: Uneven Tone, Dullness, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage

This all-in-one complexion enhancer contains 6 potent peptides to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dullness. Features 4 concentrated moisturizing agents to replenish dry skin, and the most stable form of Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) for naturally glowing, healthy skin.

Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Combination

Skin conditions: Lines & Wrinkles, Dullness, Uneven Tone, Sun Damage

This concentrated moisture complex absorbs 1000 times its own weight in moisture from the air to deliver intense hydration, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and calm and soften the skin for a youthfully radiant appearance.

Skin Types: All skin types

Skin conditions: Lack of Moisture, Acne, Congested Pores

This proprietary complex helps promote cell regeneration and collagen synthesis to firm, lift, and energize aging skin. Accelerates the healing process, improves circulation, and a restores healthy, youthful texture to skin. Accelerates recovery speed when used before and after micro-peel and laser procedures.

Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Combination, Sensitive

Skin conditions: Post IPL, Post Laser, Post Needling, Lines & Wrinkles, Sun Damage

Features powerful ceramides, a superior form of Vitamin E, and 13 exotic oils including argan oil and kukui nut oil to soothe skin, minimize inflammation, and restore suppleness and resiliency. Helps repair skin damage caused by environmental aggressors.

Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Combination, Sensitive

Skin conditions: Irritation, Rosacea, Post Procedure, Sun Damage

This preventative and regenerative serum with powerful antioxidants, 5 revolutionary proteins, and 4 potent peptides promotes skin firmness and elasticity, corrects fine lines and wrinkles, restores a healthy glow, and helps calm, heal, and tighten skin. Features revolutionary growth factors and 85% pharmaceutical grade ingredients to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Combination, Sensitive

Skin conditions: Lines & Wrinkles, Rosacea, Sun Damage

This 0.5% retinol concentrated serum resurfaces skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten dull skin, fade sun-induced age spots, and improve rough texture. The peptide-infused formula and revolutionary Tri-Cosmetic Delivery System help boost collagen and elastin production for a fresh, glowing, and age-defying complexion.

Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily

Skin conditions: Lines and Wrinkles, Uneven Tone, Dullness, Sun Damage

This concentrated, creamy serum features 4 peptides and marine algae extracts to dramatically lift and tighten sagging facial contours while smoothing out expression lines and wrinkles. Nourishing ceramides help hydrate, extend moisture, and restore skin resiliency.

Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Combination, Sensitive

Skin conditions: Sagging, Loss of Elasticity, Sun Damage

This powerful skin-lightening serum contains 8 advanced brightening agents to minimize the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, improve uneven skin tone, and visibly brighten dull, lackluster skin. Continued use will dramatically boost radiance and restore vitality for a luminous, youthful appearance.

Skin Types: Normal, Dry, Combination, Sensitive

Skin conditions: Uneven Tone, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage

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A High performance anti-wrinkle treatment that smoothes fine lines and improves skin elasticity.  It transport concentrated moisture to the deeper levels of the skin.  Provide improvement in the appearance of the skin as it firms and lifts while diminishing the lines and sign of aging by restoring the dermal matrix.