The BEST freeze-dried marine collagen mask you’ll find anywhere, period.

After a brief hiatus, the skincare gods have answered our desperate plea for fixing winter drab with the return of THE mask.

Bio Cell+ Mask has made headlines in the aesthetic world for its instantaneous, yet lasting results that seem to perform like magic. In just 20 minutes, lines vanish, moisture floods in, and radiance reappears. The moment the mask lands on your face , you’ve hit the beauty jackpot. This simple threefold sheet mask claims to firm, lift, brighten, and hydrate and sticks the landing on each claim.

A mega-dose of hyaluronic acid and a trifecta of peptides, antioxidants, and botanical extracts nestled in the immensely absorbent freeze-dried marine collagen makes this the ‘skin drink’ that pumps life and youth back into every cell. And finally, the most stable form of Vitamin C (MAP) completes the facial with a beacon of breathtaking glow.

After leaving many Bio Cell+ Mask devotees anxious and uncertain of the cult product’s reappearance, Le Mieux delivered in a brilliant way.   Sheet masks are already established as a luxury facial bundled in a single 20-minute application. Le Mieux award-winning Bio Cell+ Mask is so densely saturated with nutrients, you can either save the excess serum from the package for a later use or simply apply it all over your neck, décolleté, and arms for a full spa facial treatment. When you’re ready to apply the mask, simply discard the outer plastic cover, revealing the freeze-dried collagen mask in the center that you will apply on your face. Do NOT discard the gauze-like layer of the mask. Use this third saturated layer and place it over your neck. The most ingenious bang-for-your-buck luxury facial has now transformed into a two-in-one treatment at no extra charge.

Make seasonal dryness yesterday’s problem with just a single application of this cult-favorite mask. Salvage your youthful bounce and take back summer’s radiance!

Purchase the Le Mieux Bio Cell+ Mask(4 pcs. per box)