The Simple Reason Your Skin Is STILL Dry

As we brace ourselves for the cold months ahead, we foolishly neglect the most important skin care step in fear that it will dry out our weather-beaten, tethered skin-to-be. So as a common resolution, we double up on a thicker, heavier moisturizer. Still, flaky patches, uneven makeup application, and uncomfortably painful chapped skin remain victorious. Is dry, irritated skin impossible to conquer? Absolutely not! While the thought of exfoliating sensitive skin may be daunting, including this tiny adjustment at least 1-2 times a week is literally a beauty obligation for your moisturizing products to work. Here’s why…

Dry skin indicates you have a buildup of dry skin cells on the surface of your skin. By applying heavy creams, you constantly hydrate only the dead, dry skin that has accumulated on top of the healthy, new skin. When you practice regular exfoliation (yes, even during fall and winter), you remove the dry buildup, maximize product penetration, and reveal new skin to moisturize.

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